Enter a real life Willy Wonka Candy Factory at Candytopia! This pop up at Scottsdale Quarter is magical kids (and adults) dream turned come true. Everything is made of candy with actual candy you eat in each room! There are 9 themed rooms with interactive candy created exhibits. Each room has a different theme like chocolate and gummies. There is candy to collect in each room so make sure to bring a bag to collect it all since the kids will be busy running from room to room. I was happily surprised at how much my kids loved Candytopia. I thought it was going to be more of art exhibit but it’s so fun.

My kid’s favorite was the confetti and marshmallow room! But they had a blast in each room.

Candytopia is only here for a limited time and will close on April 13 so make sure to grab you tickets for this sweet experience! I recommend going during the week and at the earliest time possible.


  • $28 for adults
  • $20 for kids 4-12
  • Kids 3 and under Free
  • Located at Scottsdale Quarter next to the Splash Pad.

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