Altitude Jump Park Phoenix

Altitude Jump Park – The perfect place to jump all the energy out! We love going to the jump park because there are so many different areas to be entertained. We have been going for years since my son could wall. Jack even had his birthday party here this year and it was a hit!

Toddler Time is the best because it’s not crowded with older kids so the kids can enjoy all the features not just the toddler area and it’s cheaper. But if you do have a various age kids this is also a great option. My teenage nephew wants to go here too when he visits. If this is your first visit you can buy jump socks from the park. Altitude or other grip socks required. Just $2.00 and they are yours to keep. I have a pair even though I don’t pay to jump because sometimes I have to get on to help my kids climb or jump. The Phoenix location is very well run with helpful staff who even play with the kids.

The indoor trampoline park features:

Toddler Area-5 and under so they jump without being knocked over by older kids.

Running track– Kids just run back and forth on a super long track. Older kids do flips and gymnastics trick but for the little ones this is just a running pad. The quickest way to get a kid to take a nap. 

Dodgeball court– Play a fun game of gentle dodgeball and what kid doesn’t love throwing balls.

Rock wall– My 2 year old loves doing this with a little help from mom and my 5 year old likes to climb on his own.

Battle Beam– Fun to just walk on and jump off. Once a little older you can use giant padded beam to try to knock people off the beam.

Foam Pit– Jump into a giant foam pit from trampolines or just from the side! My kids love building towers with the foam block and jump through them. They won’t let you do this during regular hours but usually do at toddler time! 

Performance trampolines– super bouncy trampolines that you can jump and sit on a wall (with help from Mom for my kids)

Admission and Hours:

3921 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 522-8000

Toddler Time:
Monday Through Friday from 10:00 -1:00 PM

Saturdays from 9:00-11:00 AM.

  • 1 Child, 2 and under is free with 1 adult admission
  • Jumpers 3-6 jump for just $7.00*
  • Jumpers 3-6 years old and one adult jump for a total of $9.00*
  • Jumpers 7 and older are just:
  • $13.00/1 hour – $20.00/2 hours – $24.00/3 hours
  • *Time ends at 1:00.

*1 free toddler (2 and under) per 1 paid parent.

Regular Jump Time– 6 and over

1 hour pass:  $13.00 

2 hour pass:  $16.00

3 hour pass:  $20.00

6 and Under 1 hour for $10.00

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