Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Children's Museum of Phoenix

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is one of the best places for kids young and old. There are three floors of interactive, hands on exhibits! You could spend an entire day on just the third floor but I’m going to break it down by each floor. Each area does have a dedicated baby zone with age appropriate toys and activities so this is perfect if you have different aged kids to keep everyone happy! 

Don’t forget every First Friday of the MonthFree Admission from 5-8pm

There is usually a special exhibit that is free with admission. They have done foam fun the past two summers. They turn the entire outside into a giant foam party and then sock skating during the winter. In addition, they offer so many free classes to do with your baby and toddler. Make sure and check their museum calendar HERE a few days before and sign up for all these free extras.

First floor

  • Giant Treehouse – As you walk in your eyes will be drawn up to the giant climbing structure built with  kids imagination in mind with a car and house they can climb into. It’s the ultimate climbing structure. Parents can climb to with little ones but it does get a little tight so be ready. It only has one exit and entrance so you can feel confident sending your kids in without you and knowing they can’t go far.
  • Whoosh Area- Push scarves into plastic tubes and wiggle through see-through tubes and then they shoot through the sky!
  • Building Area- This area changes periodically but it usually has wooden blocks, foam blocks or fort building.
  • The first floor also has lockers to store your stuff and a gift shop. We usually spend at least 15-30 minutes playing in the gift shop as we leave and make a list of things we want from Santa. 
Children's Museum of Phoenix

Second Floor- Children’s Museum of Phoenix

  • KIDtchen– This state of the art kitchen has kid themed cooking classes everyday. There are free classes but most of the time they do cost extra. However you always walk away with a yummy homemade treat! 
  • Fort building-This room is filled with sheets and objects to make forts or whatever you imagine. There is also a mailbox area which the younger ones love delivering the mail for quite awhile.
  • Pedal Power/Car wash-Grab a bike, time or push car and take your ride through the pretend car wash
  • Face painting- Stop at the mirrors just south of the stairs and your kids or you can “paint“ their face with washable oil crayons. 
  • Cafe– You can bring your own food or buy some delicious food from their cafe with sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs and even a cheese plate! 


This sprawling outside is a hidden spot that I am always surprised to find people who have been many times never visit.

  • Garden– Stroll through the garden and look at all the veggies growing and you can even try a bit if you dare. Do be carful though my son did take a bit of a jalapeño one time! 
  • Sand area– Play in the sand with kitchen tools and bowls.
  • Snake– Crawl through a giant metal snake. (As you can imagine during the summer this is too hot to play in)
  • Outside Seating for Picnics
Children's Museum of Phoenix

Third floor-Children’s Museum of Phoenix

  • Noodle forest– Walk through this “forest” filled with foam noodles. This is always the the first request to go to with my kids. It’s a fun sensory activity and for reasons unknown to me kids love it.
  • Theatre- Put on your own play with costumes and instruments on their stage!
  • Ball room– As you can guess from the name this room has different ball runs to launch balls through and makes fun sounds while they go.
  • The Market– Go grocery shopping with little carts and baskets, check out and even stock the shelves.
Children's Museum of Phoenix
  • Art Studio– paint the giant castle, make a thing-a-magig (random stuff you tape together) or do their monthly themed activity.
  • Car area– race model cars down two tracks or have a pretend race in the toothpaste and prickle themed cars. 
  • Reading nook– kick your feet up and read a book
  • Cafe/pizza kitchen– make your own pizza in the pizza oven or cook up something on the stovetop with lots of “ingredients”. 

Three and Under- Baby Room

This is a dedicated room for just kids Three and under. There is a baby zone with has age appropriate toys and plenty of soft areas to crawl.

There is a fun “tree house” with a bridge and slide. It has plenty of areas that help work with hand eye coordination.

There is a play house with a kitchen, garden and baby bedroom.

If you have older kids there is also a special “3 and Over” area which is filled with older toys to entertain them while the littles play.

We have a membership since we usually go once a week since they have so many different events, activities and is just overall fun every time we go. Hope to see you there!

Admission and Hours

215 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034 Free Parking on-site

Admission-$14.95 (Children under 1 Free)

Open Tuesday-Sunday 9am- 4pm Closed Monday (open on lots of holiday Mondays so check the website)

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