outdoor scavenger hunt

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt! This one is the best because it gets the kids outside to play and is so easy they can do it on their own. I am always looking for free ways to play at home and my kids never get tired of finding treasure! I found that a lot of the scavenger hunts had items that we couldn’t find like acorns and pinecones, which aren’t easy to find in Phoenix! I decided that I needed a super basic outdoor scavenger hunt. I pull this out whenever I want to take an outside break. Once the kids get outside and start hunting they usually end playing with things they find or just exploring.

I created one for my toddlers with pictures. This way they can do it on their own, since they can’t read yet. This is the best because they feel independent and proud of themselves as they mark the items off on the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt list. The bonus is that I can usually do a quick chore like empty the dishwasher while they are on their outdoor scavenger hunt. I made all the items super easy and I pick out a treasure to hid before we start! Happy Hunting!

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