Outdoor Toys for Kids- Ultimate Fun List

Summer is almost here which means you will be spending a lot of time outside with your kids! I’ve put together the list of must-have outdoor toys for kids that will give you hours of entertainment. Since we live in Phoenix there are a lot of water toys on my list but even if your temperatures don’t reach 115 like us, water is still a great activity and kids never get tired of it.

All of my picks range in price depending on what you are looking for but each one is well worth the investment. The bubble gun is $3 and is a favorite! All the way up to our $200 bouncy house that is a year round activity that never get old and we have had it for 4 years!

After 6 summers I have my tried and true toys that we have love, both big and small. If you click on the title of each toy it will send you to a link. Order fast because the pools and water tables sell out fast!

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Outdoor Toys for Kids List

Bubble Gun

So easy to use that my 3 year old can play with it on her own. They love the battery power that blows them and it makes it less frustrating for everyone.


Melissa and Doug Splash Patrol Sprinkler– This fun sprinkler doesn’t get too crazy. It’s perfect for ages 2-6. My son didn’t love the ones that whip around and spray you in the face so this was the perfect starter sprinkler for him!

outdoor toys for kids sprinkler

Water Table- Must Have Outdoor Toys for Kids

If you only buy one outdoor toy this should be it! There are tons of water tables in out there but here are two that work great.

This was our first water table when the kids were smaller.

Little Tykes Island Wavemaker- This option is a little bigger with a few more bells and whistles.

Inflatable Pool

We always buy a new inflatable pool every year because they get so much use out of them. They typically don’t make it through to another year so be prepared. I like to get one with a slide to extend the play longer. Don’t forget to buy a pump to blow it up too! Click here for the pump.

Kiddie Pool

If you’re little one doesn’t need a slide this pool works great too and is only much less!

outdoor toys for kids

Slip N Slide

My kids love to run and slide down this in our front yard. We even have a little hill and put it on there to get a little speed. Sometimes we even put a little soap on it to go even faster!

Bunch O Balloons

These self-inflating balloons can make any summer day a party! Every time I break these out my kids cheer. I buy the big pack and use two or three each time. They are well worth the price tag since they are easy to fill up and even more fun to throw!

outdoor toys for kids

Splash Pad

Make your own splash pad at your house! This one can be a little splash pool for a baby without the sprinklers and then transform into a splash pad as they get older.


This timeless classic never gets old. Whenever the wind picks up we get out kites and fly. We even break them out and make our own wind sometimes which really wears kids out. These kites are a great low cost toy that will give you lots of bang for your buck.

Water Blobz

This is a new outdoor toy for kids that we bought! It’s a mix of a trampoline and pool. The fun texture is a great sensory experience. This is great for any age and there are endless ways to play with it. You fill it with water and then jump away.

Saucer Swing

Swing into summer on this fun saucer shaped swing. You can swing safely on this swing since you sit in the middle and hold on. My kids love to spin each other on it too.

Jump Rope

This easy to use jump rope is a fun way to get some outside exercise in! You can use it for obstacle courses too! Another great $5 outdoor toy for kids.

outdoor toys for kids

Sandbox- Must Have Outdoors Toy for Kids

Dig for treasure or have fun making sandcastles in your own sandbox. It comes with a mesh cover on this sandbox which is a must to keep it clean and I love the corner seats that give you a place to sit!

Bouncy House

Invest in this bouncy house and you won’t regret it! It is fun to play in every day especially during the summer. So easy to put up and down. It is a great alternative to a trampoline and much safer. You can even use it indoors if you have a basement and bounce all year round. Our bouncy house has stood the test of time and I would highly recommend it. This is the ultimate outdoor toy for kids.


This is the next big purchase we are thinking about getting with all the time we will be spending at home. I have always loved Kidcraft products and feel like they are well built. Do you have a playground you love? Leave a message of your favorite!

More Kids Activities

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  1. H20 Blobz & Saucer Swing are my favorites! It’s so important to get kids outside PLAYING!! Love these suggestions!

  2. Great list especially for what is going on right now in the world. Thanks for the fun suggestions.

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