at home activities for kids

At Home Activities for Kids

at home activities for kids

These boredom busters are perfect to break out when you hear those two words…”I’m bored”. Looking to fill your daily schedule during the school closure and need some new ideas of to create the best “camp at home”!

These 35 At Home Activities for Kids is a great please to find fun new things to do. Try one or all of them when you are stuck at home and can’t go anywhere! Comment any ones that you guys do at home since I am always looking for fun new ones too!

Arts and Crafts

  • Painting Shapes– Take a giant piece of kraft paper and draw shapes all over it (square, circle, heart etc..). Tape on wall and let the kids paint. This idea is from Busy Toddler and if you want endless amazing kids activities I recommend heading over to her site immediately.
  • Painting Rocks- Easy as it sounds. Get rocks from outside and paint them!
  • Fuse/Melt Beads– These are my son’s (age 5) favorite thing. It is the only thing he will do for up to an hour. You take tiny beads and make them into and pattern. Once the pattern is finished you iron them and the beads melt together.
  • Make a Racetrack for cars with painters tape on the ground. Have the kids help make it and they will love to race on it all day.
  • Build with Play-Doh– Play-Doh Kids can work for hours of fun.

  • Kinetic Sand– Get seashells or animals and hid them in the sand. Have kids find them all.
At Home Activities for Kids
Painting shapes and Board Games
Melt Beads /Perler Beads


  • Science Experiments- All you need is vinegar, baking soda and dish soap! Food coloring makes it even better. Add them to each other and VOLCANO. We purchased this science experiment kit and use it a ton.
At home activities for kids

Get Moving with these At-Home Activities for Kids

  • Build an obstacle course- This can be as easy without any ropes or ladders. I usually put pillows on the ground to jump on and chairs to climb under and over.
  • Pillow Fight- Break out the pillows and start throwing.
  • Blow up balloons- This one amazes me every time. If I blow up two balloons the kids will play with them and make up games. My go to is don’t let the balloon touch the ground. Here are some easy games if you want ideas. –
  • Timed races- My kids will run for a half hour as long as I’m timing them. I pick different places they need to run to and time them.
At Home Activities for Kids

Dancing and YouTube

Classic Games

  • Red Light/Green Light- Kids start and one end and you say green light they run, yellow light go slow and red light stop.
  • What Time is it Mr Fox-
  • I Spy- Someone picks something they see and says what color it is. Everyone guesses what the object is. Whoever wins get to be the “spyer”
  • Play “Simon Says” or “Follow the Leader.”
  • Grab a deck of cards and teach your kids the simple joy of Slapjack.
  • Easter Egg Hunt- This works anytime of year! Break out the eggs and get hiding.
  • Puppet Show- Socks or paper bags work great if you don’t have puppets.

Outside Games At-Home Activities for Kids

  • Scavenger Hunt- Click here for an easy scavenger hunt to get the kids outside. These are all pictures so no adults needed if your child can’t read yet. After they find everything mine usually stay outside playing with all their treasures!
  • Water Fight- Fill up a bucket or bowl with water. Give cups to everyone and run around.
  • Wash toys and trucks
  • Water table- Add food coloring and soap to the water table. Throw in cups, spoons and any other pourable items for open-ended fun.
  • Chalk Art- Break out the chalk and make a hopscotch pattern.

Other At-Home Activities for Kids

  • Build a fort- If we are going to do screen-time I always like to build a fort before to try and extend the activity a little longer.
  • Daytime bath- Break out the bathtub during the day and it becomes exciting instead of routine.
  • Clean the windows and dust- My kids love to do this. I let them spray while I wipe. Two birds, one stone!
  • Make a paper boat and see if it floats! Click here for instructions


  • Break out the tablet- Click here for a list of free educational apps that your kids will love so much they won’t even know they are learning!
  • Cosmic Yoga is a way to get moving and calm your mind! They are for kids and have great themes like Frozen, Spiderman and Trolls themed yoga sessions!
At Home Activities for Kids

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