Slow Cooker Essential Tools

Essential Slow Cooker Accessories

Are you new to cooking or just need a refresh on your kitchen tools? I have found that having the essential Slow Cooker Accessories makes cooking easier and more fun! Once you have all these Essential Slow Cooker Accessories make sure and check out these delicious Slow Cooker Recipes like this famous Crack Chicken.

I put together a list of my go-to kitchen tools that are the work horses of my recipes.

If you already have a fully stocked kitchen you may not need all of these but there might be a few that could make your cooking life easier. Make sure and let me know what your go to kitchen essentials are so I can try them out!

Perfect Gift List for the Chef

This is a great list of tools for any chef in your life not just a Crock Pot Chef. If you have someone in you life that loves to cook I promise they will love to get these kitchen essentials!

Crock Pot

Essential Slow Cooker Tools

This is an obvious one since my entire blog is about crockpots but I think this crockpot is perfect because it isn’t too expensive and gets the job done. It has a timer and automatic switch to warm which is so important. You can also just lock the lid and take it to a party so you never have to use another Tupperware for a potluck again!

Rice Maker

Essential Slow Cooker Tools

This is the most important kitchen tool for me besides my Crock Pot. Whenever I make meals that include rice I always use my rice maker. This really makes dinner a breeze because I don’t have to make it when I get home. We literally walk in the door and make our plates. I use the Zojirushi Rice Maker which is amazing. It has a timer and setting for brown or white rice which is helpful. Of course you can make rice on the stovetop but my goal in life is to make dinner as easy as possible at the end of the day!

Meat Thermometer

Essential Slow Cooker Tools

This tool is so important! It does double duty of telling you when you meat is safe to eat AND keeps you from getting dry chewy meat. If you haven’t invested in a meat thermometer I highly recommend it.

Garlic Press

Essential Slow Cooker Tools

I love garlic but I don’t love smelling like garlic all day on my fingers. So this garlic press helps me prep my garlic fast and easy without holding it to mince it. Also, it pops open so its easy to clean all the little garlic out when your finished.

Quality Knives

Essential Slow Cooker Tools

Ok people this is serious! Until I met my husband I didn’t realize how important quality knives are. They make cutting and prepping so easy when they are sharp and well made. I find I really only use three knives most of the time so investing in a good pairing knife, utility and chef knife are my recommendation! I also have a knife sharpener.

Glass Bowls

These glass bowls help keep me organized and all my ingredients in order. They are perfect for mixing and storing! The lid makes them easy to prep ahead of time and just have everything ready. They all nest inside of each other saving precious kitchen space!

Cutting board

Having a big sturdy cutting board is so important. The last thing you want is a tiny cutting board that moves around while you are chopping! This one is a non slip, reversible cutting board that is dishwasher safe. I also appreciate the juice groove that catches any liquid!

Onion Goggles

This is my saving grace for cutting onions. My eyes water so much when I cut onions that I can’t even see straight when I’m cutting which is very dangerous. If you don’t have this problem this tool isn’t for you. But if you do I’m telling you these work so great.

Other Important Kitchen Tools-

Can Opener

Don’t laugh about this one! I open a lot of cans with my recipes and hate when the can opener doesn’t shut or connect well with the can. This one is great and locks on so you know it will be easy!

Measuring Cups

Most likely you have measuring cups already but I love this stacking set that makes it a breeze to find whatever size I need. I prefer to have heavy duty steel ones that don’t fall over when I’m trying to pour into them as well.

Measuring Spoons

This is the same as measuring cups above, I’m sure you already have these but I like having a set where they all connect so I never lose one!


Give your fork a break and grab a whisk! This makes a world of different when you are trying to combine ingredients.


Invest in a quality wooden spatula that doesn’t bend when you are trying to use it. I have tried plenty and this one is my favorite.


Make adding big ingredients easy with these tongs. I use these all the time for adding large meat to the crock pot and for grabbing it for plating when it’s done cooking.

Looking for recipes to make with all these Slow Cooker Kitchen Accessories?

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