LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Everything is awesome!!! Phoenix is home to one of the LEGOland Discovery Centers, which is a mini LEGOland. Even if your Little isn’t into legos this is a great place for every age. There is so much more than just building legos here. There is a awesome multilevel inside playground, 4-D movie with snow and rain, rides that the whole family can do together and of course legos, Duplos and even giant legos for the very littlest LEGO lover. You can bring your own food in or there is a cafe inside that sells sandwiches, nuggets and other kid friendly options. Don’t forget socks for the playground area. Good to visit anytime of the year but this place is a lifesaver during the summer to beat the heat! 

When you walk inside you get in line to go through “LEGO training” which involves a video playing where kids get to push buttons and levers and make your own animated LEGO figures. My kids didn’t really understand but still loved seeing the legos on screen and making their own. You can skip this part and walk straight through the door if your kid isn’t interested. 

Next up is a ride the whole family can go on with no height requirement. Everyone gets their own shooter and you ride “very slowly” through to save the princess and shoot the skeletons. This might be a little scary for some kids as it is a dark and has skeletons. 

After this you walk through Miniland which is an incredible mini version of Arizona. It has interactive features where kid’s press buttons and songs and noises play. I love it to looking at all the iconic Arizona landmarks. Every time we go I see something different. 

All of this is before you even get to the actual main area! As you can see you get a lot of bang for your buck here. 

There are 9 zones within the main area of LEGOland so plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time. We are members here since there is so much to do. We don’t always do everything each time but I love that there are tons of options if you do come more than once. 

  • Baby zone- Little playground is farm themed with a slide, cow to ride on and buttons with animal sounds. Also, giant foam LEGOs to build with. Even though this area is for the youngest age my 5 year old loves building with these big blocks. 
  • Indoor playground- giant indoor play structures with police, construction, fire areas. My kids can play in here for an hour. You do need socks to play so don’t forget them or you can buy them for $2 at the cafe. 
  • Car track-Build your own LEGO car or if your like me bring one from home since I can’t make one to save my life. 
  • Dinosaur zone- Make a  LEGO dinosaur with step by step instructions. I have two kids so we have never successfully built this since my 2 year would never let me sit but great for an older kid who loves building. 
  • Movie theater- Plays 4 different 15 minute 4-D LEGO movies which means it’s 3–D with added effects like rain, wind, snow and bright lights. 
  • Duplo Earthquake- Build with duplos as tall as you can then turn on the earthquake button and see if your build is still standing after. 
  • Bicycle ride- Become a magical wizard on this ride. You peddle the ride and it goes up and down based on how fast you peddle. there is a height restriction so not everyone will be able to ride. 
  • Heart lake LEGO build- Build your own heart lake structure to add to their town and take selfies with all the girls! 
  • Free build- Areas throughout to build your own creations with regular legos.

We have spent plenty of time at LEGOland since there is so much to do each visit. This is one of the memberships we have since it is only $30 a person during their annual sale and it includes the membership to SeaLife next door.

Adress and Admission

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Arizona
5000 Arizona Mills Circle, STE 135 
Tempe, Arizona 85282

The admission varies depending on where and when you buy your tickets. Here is the online link but check Groupon too for a deal!

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