Arizona Science Center

Discover a world of science and technology at the Arizona Science Center. I love all the hands on experiences at the Arizona Science Center. With over 300, you are sure to find plenty that your family, both kid and adults, will enjoy. It is 4 floors of activities and we have been going since Jack was 2. As he has grown up find more and more places to learn and play. I would not say it is geared to younger kids but they have parts that anyone under five will enjoy. Also, make sure and check your local library for the Culture Pass which will get you TWO FREE tickets to the Arizona Science Center.

Water Works

  • As you walk in the water works areas is our first stop. You can get wet here so beware you may want to end with this if it’s not warm out. This area is filled with plastic balls that launch with water pressure or you can throw them into the water tornado, or even make music with the water. We usually have to spend at least 20 minutes playing here!

Build A House

  • Next up is the building area which shows how houses are built. Kids build with giant blue blocks making their own house. There is even a playhouse already built for the 4 and under crew.

W.O.N.D.E.R Room

  • There is an entire giant body room that shows how the body works with an actual stomach slide that burps as you slide and and nose that sneezes when you throw balls into it! These are just a few of the fun interactive activities my kids love. There is even a tiny ball pit that explains blood flow. Last time we were there they had a squid dissection which was a big hit!

Get Charged Up!

  • Onto the next floor. There is one room that my kids LOVE. It has a bed of nails you lie(you have to try it to understand), tug of war, spinning area and climb wall. All of these explain gravity, pressure, and other important science lessons but my kids don’t even know they are learning. This is our favorite room.

Forces of Nature and Technology

  • Floor 3 is “Forces of Nature”!  As you can guess it’s about nature. Again, tons of fun hands on exhibits including one that lets the kids get their hands dirty which is always my kids favorite! They build dams with sand and then water flows down showing them how waterways and dams work. There is also an open air show you stand in the middle that goes through all the forces of nature like rain, earthquake, fire. 
  • There is a technology based room on this floor that my kids aren’t too interested in so we don’t spend too much time in there. You can play with aliens and make you face look distorted! More about coding etc. but I’m sure we will grown into that room.

Solar and BUG Floor

  • Solar Floor is located on the 4th floor which shows how recycling and earth saving tips. However what we love is a huge bug collection! This is perfect for any insect lover.

Special Exhibits and Add Ons

  • There is usually a special exhibit visiting the Science Center. We have seen giant bugs, mummies and played in a cosmic playground. These usually cost extra but depending on the exhibit it may be worth it.
  • There is a planetarium which plays movies but we haven’t experienced it yet since my kiddos can’t sit quiet that long. But I’m sure it’s fun! 

Admission and Hours

  • Hours- 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
    Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • 600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States
  • 602-716-2000

Online Price

Adults (18+) $18 | Child (3-17) $13
Children 2 and younger are free

Walk-Up Price

Adults (18+) $19.95 | Child (3-17) $14.95
Children 2 and younger are free

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